Mia-Meshell Jenkins has been wowing the hearts of people and beating the odds since birth. On April 4, 2002, Mia was born prematurely with underdeveloped lungs at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, DC. Not too long after her birth, she was diagnosed with chronic asthma. No matter what doctors diagnosed,
Mia was determined that she would never be treated differently and would accomplish her life’s dreams. 

Mia- Meshell’s gymnastics career started at the age of seven where she spent time tumbling and teaching herself how to flip on the trampoline. A year later at the age of eight, Mia competed in her first gymnastics meet at Unique Sports Academy in Waldorf, Maryland. As a compulsory gymnast, Mia has many victories under her leotard such as 2nd Place on Uneven Bars at the Maryland State Championship 2012, 1st on Vault at the 2012 Star Struck Invitational, and 1st Place All-Around at the Hug and Kiss Meet in Hershey, PA.

In 2013 Mia-Meshell had the opportunity to spend time at the renowned Karolyi camp. That is where she decided that she wanted to switch gyms and train at Capital Gymnastics National Training Center in Burke, VA. Determined to train with the best in her area, Mia did not care that Capital was an hour away from home.

Now competing as an optional gymnast at Cardinal Gymnastics, Mia continues to thrive and soar high. Her accomplishments as an optional gymnast are as follows:

    Level 8
  • 1st Place Vault | WOGA Classic
  • Qualified and competed in the 2015 Region 7 Level 8 Regional Championships
     Level 9
  • 1st Place Vault and Beam | 2nd Place AA | 2016 VA Level 8-9- 10 State Championships
  • 1st Place Vault | 2nd Place Beam & Floor | 1st Place AA | 2016 Excalibur Cup
  • 1st Place Vault and Beam | 2nd Place AA | Sand Dollar Whitlow Invitational
  • 2016 Top 100 for Highest Level 9 Beam | Score 9.600
  • Qualified and competed in the 2016 Region 7 Level 9 and 10 Regional Championships
  • Qualified for the 2017 Region 7 Level 9 and 10 Championships
  • 1st Place Vault and Floor | 2nd Place Beam | 1st Place AA | 2017 Frederick Classic on the Hill
  • 1st Place Vault | 2nd Place Floor | 3rd Place Beam | 1st Place AA | 2018 Tim Weaver Invitational
    Level 10
  • Qualified and competed in the 2019 Region 7 Level 10 Regional Championships
  • 1st Place Vault | 2019 Hilton Head Invitational

Mia-Meshell’s scores and determination speak for themselves. In 2014 during the Hills Classic she placed 1st on Vault with a score of 9.650 and tied for 1st Place on Bars with a score of 9.0 and 4th Place AA. At the 2014 VA Beach Classic, Mia earned 1st Place for Vault with a score of 9.5, 1st Place on Bars with a score of 9.125 and 1st Place AA with a combined score of 37.500. Not to be outdone, Mia traveled to Las Vegas, NV for the Rolling Thunder Invitational and earned 1st Place on Vault with a score of 9.825 and 1st Place AA. Mia competed both Level 7 and Level 8 this 2014 - 2015 season.

Mia competed her first Level 8 meet in Texas at the 2015 WOGA Classic. During that meet she placed 1st on Vault with a score of 9.5. Weeks later she repeated her Vault success at the Shamrock Invitational placing 1st on Vault with a score of 9.650. At the VA Level 8-10 State Championships Mia placed 2nd on Vault with a 9.550 and was invited and competed at the 2015 Region 8 Championships.

Level 9 was a challenge for Mia. It taught her how to push through. Despite having double ankle sprains and other pains, Mia pushed through the 2016 season
and won 1st Place for Vault and 2nd Place AA at the 2016 Sand Dollar Invitational. Mia continued to train while rehabbing and won 1st place for Vault, 2nd Place for Beam and Floor and 1st Place AA at the 2016 Excalibur Cup. At the 2016 VA Levels 8-10 State Championships, Mia won 1st Place for Vault and Beam, and 3rd Place for Floor, and 2nd place AA. She qualified for the 2016 Regional Championships but was unable to compete due to the ankle sprains. Mia then took a year off to fully heal and recover.

Mia-Meshell returned to the gym at Cardinal Gymnastics during the summer of 2018. Mia started back as a coach for recreational classes while testing the waters at open gym to rebuild her stamina and to see if she still had it. She discovered that she missed the gym and her competitive spirit made her yearn to win again.  Mia competed her first meet back as a Level 9 at the Tim Weaver Battlefield Invitational earning 1st Place for Vault, 2nd Place for Floor, 3rd Place for Beam and 1st Place AA.

After years of training and competing, Mia finally made it to Level 10. She competed her first meet at the 2018 Christmas On The Chesapeake Invitational earning 4th Place  for Vault and the AA.

Mia-Meshell not only has the heart of a champion; she is a champion. Her work ethic and tenacious spirit has caused her to defy odds and soar above. Along with being a champion, she is a daughter, the youngest of her two siblings BriAna and GiAnni, and the proud sibling of two puppies affectionately name Thailand and Tokyo. Mia is currently a Senior in Fairfax County, Virginia. 

December 2019 was an amazing month! Mia-Meshell made the decision to retire from gymnastics at the end of this season and has committed to Glenville State College for Acro & Tumbling while pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice. Go Pioneers!

  Mia- Meshell Jenkins



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