Mia- Meshell Jenkins

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Class of 2020



Olga Iakounina and Guennadi Iakounine
Level 10 (2018)
 Gym Goals:
Division I College Scholarship

​Gymnastics information



  current: yurchenko layout , yurchenko tuck half, front front

  Working on: 

 Uneven Bars

  Current: board mount kip cast hs+ giant+shootover hs+ free hip+hs+toe up+ kip cast hs+     

  giant  double back

  working on: blinds, blind fulls, yaegers, double layouts


  current: board mount+switch leap+switch 1/2+back HS stepout+ layout two feet+full         

  turn+round off+full 1/2

  working on:


  current: roundoff back hs+double pike+roundoff full 1/2+front pike+front hs+front       

  layout front layout+full 1/2 turn+switch side pulpa+switch 1/2    

  working on: